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5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Copywriter

May 19, 2009

I’ll be completely honest with you. My aim is to market to pro football players. I truly want to help players, who have such a short shelf life, develop great written and online content for their other businesses. Since I am passionate about football, this target audience makes sense.

The article below applies not only to pro players of course, but to everyone who thinks they can write punchy, compelling content themselves with no outside help.

1. U kan rite a intelliguble centence. Maybe an overstatement but you get the idea. A lot of people think they can write but nothing could be further from the truth. Spelling counts but it’s also the way the words are painted onto the page. If you are completely confident in your writing skills, don’t hire a copywriter.

2. You’re confident in your marketing abilities. You know all the ins and outs of how to market your writing effectively and have need of no one. You know how to press your prospective client’s hot button’s with words and how to spur them to action. The ability to flow from paragraph to paragraph is effortless for you. In that case, don’t hire a copywriter.

3. You know how to use keywords effectively. You’re a Google keyword guru and know how to integrate the right key words into your copy. You have the knowledge to generously but wisely sprinkle key words throughout your copy to draw more buyers. If you can do that, don’t hire a copywriter.

4. You’re wise on how to use strong, compelling language. You’re a wordsmith by trade and really understand how to use compelling sentences to whoosh your audience away to buying heaven. You have all the style manuals and a thesaurus at your fingertips when you write. You know how to write in a conversational way to engage your audience and cause them to know you sympathize with their plight. If that is the case, don’t hire a copywriter.

5. You have all the time in the world. You have people to run your business for you. You have an incredible executive assistant who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. You never have to travel. You are independently wealthy and have loads of time to lounge by the pool. If this is you, don’t hire a copywriter.

If these five reasons describe you, you have no need to hire a copywriter. You can do it all, blindfolded, with one hand tied behind your back and still have time to spare. You are truly an over-achiever.

If not, maybe it’s time to consider finding a freelance copywriter who has the training and talent to write your sales letters, brochure copy, web content, and whatever other marketing collateral you might have. However, do your homework to find the right copywriter for you.

There are a lot of very high-priced copywriters out there who will charge you an arm and a leg plus your first-born to write your copy. It might be worth taking a look at a copywriter with less experience but who can still produce high level copy without the high level price.

A good copywriter can paint your company’s picture with the brushstrokes of rich key words against a canvas of strong copy, with a colorful call to action. After all, the words you present to the world represent who you are, what your company does and how well you do it. Wouldn’t you want a skilled word artist?


Jon Gordon’s Training Camp Audio

May 17, 2009

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Work Past the Pain – Hitting Hurdles Head On

May 13, 2009

When I watch NFL games, I think of the team as nothing more than an expanded office environment. The same exists – personality dynamics, power struggles, control issues, to-do list, and meetings. Their stats are their annual reviews.

One huge difference is the fact that players have to play past their pain – I mean very real pain; knee pain, joint pain, pulled muscle pain, broken finger pain…in the corporate world you get to take days off when sick or in pain. NFL players are exceptional at working past their pain and hitting hurdles head on. Flu? They’re on the field. Broken pinkie? On the field. Death of a family member? Suited up and ready to play.

Watching players do what they do best is so motivating to me because it tells me I can also work past my pain.

Oh, it might not be physical pain. It might be the emotional pain of not realizing goals as soon as I’d like or the pain of seeing my wayward child make a mess of her life, or the pain of wanting a second half of life partner to show up before I’m too old to enjoy them.

What is your pain? What is your hurdle?
Take some time to think about your pains. Write your pains, whether physical, mental, or emotional down on the left side of a piece of paper. Draw a line down the center of the paper, then on the right side, list all the gifts and blessings you experience every day. Compare what you have to what people in 3rd world countries have. I bet they outweigh the pains listed on the left side. This is what I focus on – the right side of the paper.

Yes, the other pains are still there. They still exist every day. But focusing on pain drains you of precious energy and mental clarity. Choose to focus on your blessings. Every morning when I wake up, I thank God for allowing me the privilege of even waking up and I smile at myself in the mirror. That outward act determines my inward attitude for the day.

Work past your pain. Hit your hurdles head on!