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Player Down

January 12, 2010

Player down are the two words no coach, player, or fan wants to hear. When Al Michaels, Phil Simms, or any other announcer says those dreaded words, all action stops – our eyes are glued to the field in hopes the injured player gets up and walks off on his own accord. Trainers rush. Medical personnel hover.

Of course, there is the dreaded fear of “the cart.” Definitely not a good sign.

Throughout a football player’s career, he may suffer injuries such as multiple concussions, broken collarbone, broken ribs, broken nose, broken thumb, broken legs, torn ACL/PCL’s, groin pull, hip pointer, turf toe, shoulder dislocation and torn rotator cuff, not to mention all the hamstring, calf and back mishaps that can happen.

As entrepreneurial business people, we believe “Player Down” would never be part of our vocabulary or experience. But it is.

We can and do suffer injuries of the heart due to discouragement and disappointment.

We can suffer broken trust when we deal with not-so-honest vendors or clients.

We can suffer dislocation of our time when we lose focus and go in a direction that isn’t in line with our goals and objectives.

We may even need “the cart” when we’ve experienced a major setback.

Just as a player can’t avoid sudden injuries (after all, it’s the nature of the game), we can’t prevent outside circumstances beyond our control from dealing a crushing blow on our business or personal life. Players have a team of experts immediately at their side, to tend to their injuries and provide the safest, fastest way back to wholeness.

What can we do to recover from our own cry of Player Down?

1. Stop. Be still. Breathe. Acknowledge it happened. Give yourself the gift of time to gather yourself.

2.  Forget the stiff upper lip, be honest that it hurts, try a little transparency and give the key people in your life a chance to uplift and encourage you.

3.  Put one foot forward. When you put one foot forward, the other one will naturally follow…in forward motion. Step out to the library, a new networking group, a cooking class, or just around the block. Do something or go somewhere you wouldn’t ordinarily go, even just for a few minutes.

4.  Keep yourself on the active roster. Travel somewhere you’ve never considered before (even a day trip), change your scenery, eat somewhere new. Get your endorphins involved by daily walking and gym time…keep your body in motion.

5.  Just let it go. Holding onto hurts and heart/trust injuries holds you captive. Re-hashing and re-living setbacks prevents you from using that same energy on new, positive directions. I’m not saying a major devastation or loss is not painful. I’ve had plenty to deal with during my 53 years. But, once you’ve felt all there is to feel about it, what purpose does it serve to stay down?

It’s time to just let it go and move on to living new life chapters, in full color. Greater self-discovery will present itself along the way if you let it.

Once you’ve come to terms with whatever happened; acknowledge, be transparent, keep your forward motion, make sure you stay on the active roster, and then just let go. Really enjoy what new opportunities, people, and discoveries come your way!